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Tim Crowhurst 11/09/2011 Psalm 1

Tim Crowhurst 09/10/2011 God is Sovereign (Psalm 2)

Tim Crowhurst 13/11/2011 Who do you believe? (Psalm 3)

A glorious defence (Psalm 3:2-3)

Tim Crowhurst 11/12/2011 Leaning on God (Psalm 4)

Depression (Psalm 13)

Have you got the Message? (Psalm 19)

The Great Shepherd (Psalm 23)

The Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23)

What are you afraid of? (Psalm 27)

How can I know that I've been forgiven? (Psalm 32)

Simeon 03/07/2011 The Solution to the Problem (Psalm 36)

Sing when we are winning (Psalm 42 and 43)

The people's power (Psalm 46)

Taking a breath (Psalm 46 v 10)

As for me I trust in you (Psalm 55)

God my rock (Psalm 62)

Finding rest (Psalm 62)

What are we waiting for? (Psalm 65)

Gerard Chrispin 12/08/2012 "Mercy, Blessing & Mission" (Psalm 67)

Blessings from the true God (Psalm 67)

Simeon 02/01/2011 Priorities for 2011 (Psalm 84:10)

Simeon 09/01/2011 Lessons Learned (Psalm 84)

What is God's plan? (Psalm 86)

We can live our lives wisely only when we see God clearly (Psalm 90)

Simeon 07/11/2010 The Safest place (Psalm 91)

The exalted king (Psalm 92)

Simeon 27/11/2011 A Glorious Victorious God (Psalm 96)

Call to worship (Psalm 100)

People of thanksgiving (Psalm 100)

A time to remember (Psalm 103)

What is God's due? (Psalm 103)

God keeps his promises (Psalm 107)

Why should we praise God? (Psalm 111)

Simeon 16/01/2011 The Whole man (Psalm 119:33-40)

The cure for contempt (Psalm 123)

Simeon 04/12/2011 The dawning of the light (Psalm 130)

What to do when ... uncertainty reigns (Psalm 139)

What is God like? (Psalm 139)

The personal God (Psalm 139)

Proactive praise (Psalm 144)

Christian Courage - Psalm 31:24

Active Faith: Surrenders all - Psalm 31:1-8

Fixes its eyes on God - Psalm 31:9-15

Trusts God for protection - Psalm 31:16-20

Builds on Experience - Psalm 31:21-24