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The potential of one life (Exodus 1)

When evil triumphs (Exodus 1)

When God raises a champion (Exodus 2)

The God who reveals (Exodus 3)

A reticent champion (Exodus 3)

A reluctant champion (Exodus 4)

Dealing with a hostile culture (Exodus 5 - 6:12)

Using the wrong eyes (Exodus 6:13 - 7:6)

Trusting God does not come easy (Exodus 7:7-24)

Grace abounds (Exodus 7:25 - 8:32)

Does God negotiate with sinners? (Exodus 9-10)

Then comes the judgment (Exodus 11-12)

A new beginning we all need (Exodus 12:1-10)

David Matson 04/03/2012 God's Deliverance (Exodus 12:21-42)

Walking with the Lord (Exodus 13)

From death to life (Exodus 14)

Why we sing (Exodus 15)

The greatness of God (Exodus 16)

David Matson 04/03/2012 Ups & Downs (Exodus 15)

When trials come (Exodus 17)

The God who works in surprising ways (Exodus 18)

The pattern of a saved life (Exodus 20:1-12)

The God who knows how to say no (Exodus 20:13-26)

Redeeming love (Exodus 21:1-11)

How precious is life? (Exodus 21: 12-32)